The eldest son of Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma’s family, Sh. Abhinav Gaur has taken out and mastered several leaves out of the book of his late father. With a firm belief in his father’s ideals and philosophy, Abhinav Gaur has fitted into his father’s shoes like fish takes to water , in all personal and business interests of the family. Like father, the vision of the school and placing RNS World School firmly on the Global education map continue to be his priority. Spearheading all operations of the school and providing vision and direction to every forward movement , Sh. Abhinav Gaur , believes in putting into practice all that he has imbibed as a student of Scindia School, Gwalior, and as a son to an illustrious father who too was an alumnus of the same school . With a global exposure, and marked keenness to learn, Sh.Abhinav Gaur, though young in age and mature in experience, has enabled his father’s dreams blossom into reality and the RNS World School bears testimony to his true mettle and continuous yearning for greater achievement . As the doyen of the Sharma family Sh. Abhinav Gaur, like his mother, relentlessly carries forward the legacy of his father and is a pillar of strength not only to the family but also to over 300 men strong business enterprises spanning various areas of activity. Shouldering the responsibility of a family of eminence, and all its business interests, comes naturally to Sh. Abhinav Gaur, and he is ably supported in this by his younger siblings Sh. Akshay Gaur and Sh. Anirudh Gaur, besides the respective spouses,Smt.Aditi Gaur,Smt. Ruchi Gaur, and Smt. Bhagyashree Gaur.