RNS Jhansi is without doubt, one of the finest value-additions to the historical city of Jhansi in recent years. The campus is spread over a beautifully laid out and landscaped area in a prime location and is easily accessible. The building that houses the academic and administrative blocks has been very thoughtfully designed. Special care has been taken to ensure that differently abled children find the building user friendly. There is abundance of greenery around the campus. The school has vast play areas for children and large and spacious corridors for free movement. Guided by the belief that the students must enjoy a high degree of comfort and must be provided with all facilities to extract the maximum out of their potential be it intellectual or physical.

Volley Ball

The school boasts of a standard size volleyball court.

Playfields are the lungs of any institution. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, so goes the old saying. We believe in our children being bright and lively, and what better facility can we give them towards achieving this aim, than provide them with large playfieldsand courts where freedom rules the roost. The school has a rich pool of professional coaches in Badminton, Malkhamb, and Taekwondo to name a few.

Football Ground

Skating Rink

The school has a beautifully arranged skating rink flanking the basketball court.

Cricket Field

School has a verdant cricket field with a professional pitch complying with international standards. Read More….

Basket Ball Court

Ensconced in the backyard of the school, protected from all sides ,as good as being indoor, Read More….

RNS School Library


Books are the most faithful friends in life.


As a part of our various initiatives, we have embarked upon the READ program for all the classes. This program has now been made mandatory by CBSE.This innovative approach will help children develop reading habit, literary and language skills, moral values and other cognitive skills. This programme helps our children enjoy reading and nurture their young minds along with subtly enhancing their language skills while making them good human beings.

To make this programme more effective, the school has a book bank of over 5000 books in the library.

Computer Lab

The school has Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs. The labs are well equiped. Read More….

Physics Lab

The lab is equipped to provide senior students with the required paraphernalia for practical’s. Read More….

Chemistry Lab

The lab has all equipment placed in a proper order to make practical’s easy. Read More….

Biology Lab

The lab has a good number of models and other equipment to help the students understand the topics. Read More….

RNS Faculty Accommodation


The accommodation for outstation faculty is self contained and is located in the midst of the lovely 100 acre herbal plantation
owned by the trust. There is greenery all around and the environment is conducive to good living and for academic pursuits. All basic needs are taken care of. The accommodation is furnished with uninterrupted power and water supply. Round the clock security is provided. The staff quarters is within walking distance of the academic wing of the school and is about 20 minutes drive from Jhansi Town and railway station and the main markets. A transport on demand is available. The staff can also make use of all the sports and games facilities that exist in the school. We encourage community living and bonding between the families.