Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma

Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma was a visionary , who dedicated his entire life to public welfare and for upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. With a passion for reading and towards nature, Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma was regarded, by most who knew him, as a treasure house of knowledge. Despite being a busy stakeholder in the multi-crore business house of Baidayanath Ayurvedic Products, founded by his father, Pt. Ram Narayan Sharma , Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma is known to have single handedly developed a 100 acre farm house, driven by his passion for flora and fauna , over four decades. The farm house today also houses the residential facility for a privileged few of the faculty of the RNS World School. The school itself was an outcome of Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma’s vision to improve educational standards of the township of Jhansi, which he always thought was underrated , despite being a place of high historical significance. With a firm commitment to placing Jhansi on the global education map, Pt.Ramesh Kumar Sharma ensured that there was no dearth of resources or space for the school he had in mind. Today RNS World School is spread over a vast lush green landscape of 22 acres of land, that bears testimony to the foresight and dedication of a patriarch who considered the population of the entire township as his children. Among his vision was a dedicated learning institution for Sanskrit, in a forward step to keep alive the cultural heritage of the country. The seeds of the Sanskrit Vidyalaya as he always referred to the project, have already been sown and a site has been earmarked for the same. Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma, lost his brave fight with cancer on August 02, 2013. While the entire school owes its existence to Pt. Ramesh Kumar Sharma’s selfless vision and dedication, the school auditorium has specially been dedicated to his memory by his family, as a medium to showcase the life and achievements of great people to the students of Jhansi.