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Particulars Of Guardian
Details Of any Sibling (real brother or sister) applying for admittance in RNS WORLD SCHOOL-Jhansi
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I) I know that fee once paid is non-refundable & I fully understand that registration is not binding for admission. It may be given only when suitable vacancy exists and child’s performance in the test is satisfactory as per the school norms.

II) In case my child is admitted, the school may make arrangements for inoculations against Typhoid and Cholera & vaccination against Small Pox to my child by school doctor.

III) I have made careful note of various details regarding the payment of school fee. I have made satisfactory arrangements for remittance of school fee within due dates without waiting for reminder from the school. I will pay the school through crossed Cheque/Drafts in favor of the RNS world School as per rules. Withdrawal of Student after remittance of full fee in school account would the sole discretion of the guardian. I fully understand that the fee will not be refunded.

IV) I hereby certify that the date of birth and spellings of name of my child/ward given in this Form are correct to the best of my knowledge and I shall not make any request for change.

V) I hereby certify that in case I go not claim the Caution Money paid by me for a period of two years after my ward leaves the school. The amount may be treated as a donation to the school and my right over refund of this amount will stand relinquished by me.

VI) I understand that rendering false or misleading information or withholding correct information may disqualify the child for admission/education at this school.

VII) I certify that I am the bonafide guardian of the child.

VIII) Having read carefully the rules, regulations and procedures laid down in the School prospectus and being desirous of having my child/ward educated in RNS World School. I hereby agree to abide by them in all respects. I understand that the decision of the management of the School shall be final and binding on me.

IX) I hereby certify that my ward myself shall follow all the rules. Regulations and procedures laid down by school from time to time.